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Accessibility audit of the future Spotify Camp Nou begins

Today saw a meeting take place between ILUNION Accesibility from Grup Social ONCE and FC Barcelona, ​​as the first working session within the framework of the partnership agreed between both institutions announced on May 23.

The collaboration between FC Barcelona and Grup Social ONCE includes an accessibility audit of the future Spotify Camp Nou by ILUNION. This essentially involves technical support regarding accessibility for the project to implement the new Stadium and its accesses. The meeting was held precisely to start this audit.

The session involved the presentation of the project by FC Barcelona, and ILUNION introduced their working groups and tasks, before they jointly defined the next steps. Lastly, the attendees visited the works of the future Spotify Camp Nou.

The agreement between FC Barcelona and ILUNION

The aim of the agreement between FC Barcelona and ILUNION is to work together to define an overall fixed framework of collaboration in order to develop communication, physical and technological aspects that make the new stadium a benchmark space for accessibility and equality for all.

And within the framework of this agreement, both parties will seek out the best forms of collaboration to develop and agree projects that they deem suitable for enhancing their strategic alliance.


A leading company for transformation and diversity, ILUNION operates in different sectors and commits to a business model that shows that financial and social benefit is possible.

About Grupo Social ONCE

Grupo Social ONCE represents the fruition of work carried by ONCE, Fundación ONCE and Ilunion with the same identity and a clear priority – full inclusion and access to an independent life for blind people and people with other disabilities.

ONCE came into existence 85 years ago, instigated by a group of blind people in the early 20th century, who considered that coming together would make them stronger in their aspirations to becoming full equals via selling lottery tickets, the first pro-blind tickets at the time. Eight and a half decades later, Grupo Social ONCE are the biggest provider of social services for blind people and jobs for people with disabilities in the world, and the fourth largest private employer for people with and without disabilities in Spain.

ONCE in Catalonia attends to over 10,500 blind people, people with visual disabilities or deaf-blind people, who all receive specialised services. This great social work is possible thanks to their safe, responsible and socially-oriented lottery.

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