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Argentina pumped up for upcoming Barça youth player debut

The name of Pedro Juárez (February 17, 2014), known as Pedrito and a Barça youth player at just 10 years old, is gaining fame in Argentina. The media is buzzing about this young midfielder from the Barça club’s youth ranks, born in Salta, in the northwest of the country. Some are even wondering if Argentine football has found “the new Messi.”

The reason for his sudden and early impact is the comments made by former Argentine soccer player and current TV commentator Jorge D’Alessandro. In an interview with local media, he warned the Argentine Football Federation (AFA) about a talented Argentine boy in Barcelona’s 2014 category, praising his skills.

“He has a natural talent for receiving the ball and a great vision of the game. His decision-making ability and constant awareness of the ideal pass make him a player of the future,” D’Alessandro explained.

When Pedrito was two years old, his family moved to California (USA) for work reasons, where they lived until 2020. They then settled in Barcelona. The Barça scouts quickly noticed his talent and offered him a spot in their club. He is already dreaming of his first call-up to the U-15 National Team.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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