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Barça believe that the competition with Cancelo will end up being positive for Balde

Alejandro Balde began the season being the left side headline of the FC Barcelona. The role of the ‘3’ Barcelona did not have any type of doubts afterwards that it won this place thanks to his big performance in the past season, winning him the place to a legend of the club like Jordi Alba. However, in this course has not showed the sufficient as to continue with this role in the team of Xavi Hernández.

The Spanish has been acting in the last two parties of the Barça, losing the place in front of Joao Cancel, representing besides the possibility that the team culé was much more solid in defence when using a defence with three head offices, already was with Koundé or Araújo like carrilero right. This stage has not fallen too much well in a Balde that seemed to understand that his place in the XI was ensured, more still after his renewal does a pair of months until 2028.

The Barça needs that Balde learn some subjects

But the football of first level has gone back to show that anybody has his place ensured in the elite, something that for the Barça seems to be an ideal situation in the process of maduration of his side. Like this it has aimed it ‘Mark’, signalling that in the dispatches and the technical area culé believe firmly in the talent of Balde, although they do not escape to the reality that this new situation can serve him to progress to sportive level.

The Barça thinks that the youngster has to step forward on the lawn, with a greater leadership and level of concentration, and also to personal level. And it is that in clubs like the Barça there is not place for the break and in 95% of the cases the footballers have to live always thinking in as improve, and especially, avoid the greater quantity of possible distractions.

Xavi has left him clear to Balde that is not in his best version

In these almost four months of season, the defence of 20 years has not had the same level of intensity of the previous course and especially has not been able to be determinant in attack, a facet that fulfilled to perfection does very little time with the Barcelona T-shirt. The reflection of this has been that in the last five meetings (three of LaLiga and two of Champions), the canterano culé only has gone out of start in one, against the Ray in Vallecas, and in front of the Athletic of Madrid neither jumped to the terrain of game.

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