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Barça has surpassed 11 million followers on China’s popular social media, Weibo, and remains one of the most supported European clubs on social networks in the country

Weibo, the most important social network in China, has presented FC Barcelona with its Medal of Honour for breaking the barrier of 10 million followers this season (in fact, the club now has more than 11 million). This means entry in Weibo’s Hall of Fame, where all official accounts that have surpassed this impressive figure are listed.

Since it launched on Weibo in 2014, the club has ceaselessly been gathering followers and has published more than 35,000 posts, equivalent to 10 items a day. In 2021, Barça became the first European club in China to create a hashtag for its women’s football team, #BarçaFemení, and which has gone on to receive more than 170 million views. It also exemplifies the club’s commitment to advancing and popularizing women’s football on a global scale.

Barça, most followed European club on Chinese social media

Such success on Weibo is just one example of the club’s amazing reception on Chinese social networks. For yet another season, it has been consolidated as the club with the largest online community, which amounts to over 15 million followers.

All this good news has much to do with the club’s digital and brand development strategies for China, and which has led to the launch of accounts not just on Weibo, but also on Douyin, WeChat, Wechat Video, Toutiao, XiaoHongShu and Bilibili. Barça has consistently been the pioneer in creating digital content and experiences on various digital platforms in the region.

All of this ties in with a carefully thought-out content strategy, which the club uses to get closer to its fan base in China, appreciating the Chinese idiosyncrasy and culture, and generating special contents, and most especially those surrounding the celebrations of Chinese New Year.

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