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Barça looking to extend Aitana’s contract, Chelsea interested

FC Barcelona is like the top dog in women’s soccer and they want to keep it that way. But it’s not going to be a walk in the park because other big European clubs are eyeing their star players. Case in point, Mariona Caldentey might not stick around since a fancy English club, Arsenal, is interested in signing her.

The folks at Barça are determined to keep their shining star, Aitana Bonmatí, from slipping away. She’s been a key player this season, helping Barça win big and scoring a crucial goal in the Champions League final against Olympique Lyon. But there’s a real threat looming, which is why Barça is gearing up to act fast.

The truth is, Aitana has been killing it this season and has caught the eye of some major clubs, especially Chelsea. Barça knows this and they’re clear that their next move should be to secure Aitana, whose contract runs until June 30, 2025. She’s been on fire lately and it’s time to show her some love.

Barça is already working on a plan to extend Aitana‘s contract beyond 2025. They want to offer her a deal that matches her skills and impact on and off the field. They’re aware that they need to make a tempting offer, especially with English clubs in the mix.

A smart move for Aitana

Chelsea has their eyes set on Aitana to strengthen their team after losing to FC Barcelona in the Champions League semis this season. Despite winning the first leg, they were outplayed by Barça in the second leg, with Aitana scoring the opening goal for the Blaugranas after 25 minutes.

Chelsea, who have not yet won any European Cup, want to take a leap in quality and that is why they have thought about seducing Aitana with a great offer. Sources familiar with the matter point out that they are willing to offer the Blaugrana four seasons at two million each, paying Barça the 3 million euros of her termination clause for her.

Concern at Barça

At the Barça club they believe that Aitana is fully committed to the project but they admit that her contract must be extended and improved due to its quality and what other teams offer. Within the culé entity there is a lot of concern because the F League has not yet made the competitive leap necessary to be a contested championship and that means that the culé players may lose motivation. Furthermore, at Barça it is not understood that having the best team in the world in the competition, the world champion players and the last two winners of the Ballon d’Or, we do not get sponsors that could result in the clubs having more income to be able to make more powerful squads that encourage competition and, therefore, the fans’ interest in going to the stadiums and watching the games on television.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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