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Barça loses fifth futsal Champions League match

Barcelona’s futsal team was so close to winning their fifth Champions League title in history, but unfortunately lost to Palma Futsal in Armenia. Palma Futsal was the defending champion and capitalized on their opportunities in the final match, ultimately winning the game despite Barcelona’s relentless pressure in the second half, which included hitting the post twice. Palma Futsal came back after Barcelona scored first and managed to withstand the pressure from Barcelona for most of the second half, with Sergio Lozano leading the charge with determination, although he was eventually sent off.

The Champions League final had different phases. Barcelona struggled initially but managed to hold on thanks to their goalkeeper. They fought back to take the lead, but just when they seemed to be in control, Palma Futsal scored two goals from set pieces before halftime. They then had to withstand Barcelona’s attacks.

The game started off in Palma’s favor, with Barcelona having limited chances in attack and Dídac Plana making impressive saves against shots from Bruno Gomes, Rivillos, and Rómulo. Barcelona seemed off their game, while Palma was sharp, especially Cleber, who was physical and aggressive throughout the match. Barcelona’s goalkeeper kept them in the game, as they gradually started to pose a threat with quick passes that tested Barrón, who had to come out to stop Pito on a couple of occasions.

Barcelona started to dominate towards the end of the first half, and a well-placed pass from Catela to Antonio resulted in the first goal of the match, putting Velasco’s team in the lead. The game was intense, and Barcelona had chances to extend their lead before halftime through Lozano and Pito, who came close to scoring.


He didn’t do it and, when Barcelona was playing better, after a corner Rómulo scored a goal, even though Sergio Lozano called for a ‘challenge’ due to an illegal block that the referees missed. Barcelona faced more challenges: after missing two double penalties, one by Catela and the other by Lozano, Barcelona witnessed Vilian scoring from a direct free kick (due to an unnecessary foul by Coelho) just before halftime, turning the score around.

Barcelona’s quick start after the break didn’t lead to success, despite numerous attempts and chances, including a shot hitting the crossbar by Sergio Lozano, while Rómulo, receiving a card, hit Sergio Lozano in the face with no foul called. And, also receiving a card, another slap, this time from Cleber to André Coelho.

The Palma goalkeeper, a local hero, took over from his teammate Barrón, who had saved both double penalties, and blocked a fantastic free-kick from Lozano. Touré hit the post in Barcelona’s second shot on the woodwork towards the end. Luan put a shot from Catela over the line amidst Barcelona’s pressure and, shortly after, Neguinho dealt Barcelona a final blow with a goal from another set piece play. Barcelona couldn’t threaten with the goalkeeper-player and, feeling desperate, ended up with four red cards for Sergio Lozano. Then came the fourth and fifth, with Barcelona already defeated.


FC BARCELONA: Dídac, Antonio, Erick, Catela, Ferrao (starting five), Miquel Feixas (p), Pau López (p), Matheus, André Coelho, Kokoro, Adolfo, Sergio Lozano, Pito, Touré

PALMA FUTSAL: Carlos Barrón, Rómulo, Neguinho, Chaguinha, Gordillo (starting five), Luan Muller (p), Vilian, Cleber, Moslem, Bruno Gomes, Rivillos, Marcelo

GOALS: 1-0, Adolfo, 15′; 1-1, Romulo, 19′; 1-2, Vilan, 20′; 1-3, Neguinho, 34′; 1-4, Chaguinha, 40′; 1-5, Neguinho, 40′

REFEREES : Nicola Jelic (Croatia), Nicola Manzione (Italy). Cards to Rómulo (14′), Cleber (19′), Mosler (30′), Pito (32′). Red card to Sergio Lozano (39′)

STADIUM: Demirchyan Arena SCC Yerevan

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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