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Barça’s ‘children’ show their selectivity on the field

Hey everyone! It’s a big time for many young Spaniards right now. This week in early June, lots of teenagers from the class of 2006 and other years are taking their university entrance exams. And guess what? Even the Barcelona players are in the same boat! The footballers from Barça finished high school last May at Lleó XIII School in Sant Gervasi and now they’re tackling the Selectivity exam at the University of Barcelona.

Fans spotted Vicky López, Héctor Fort, Pau Prim, and Marc Guiu hitting the books for their Spanish and English exams this Tuesday. According to Víctor Navarro’s ‘X’ account, they’re gearing up for subjects like Physics, Artistic Fundamentals, Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences, and Dramatic Literature.

Tomorrow, the Barça players will be facing History, Philosophy, General Sciences, Mathematics, and Art History, among other subjects. And on Thursday, they’ll wrap up the ordinary call with Catalan Language and Literature, Biology, or Technology, depending on their chosen subjects each day.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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