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Barça’s focus on long-term goals, not distracted by others

Jonatan Giráldez thanked the support received by the team from groups of Barcelona fans through social networks. The Galician coach, after what was his last Clásico (at least in his current stage on the bench), posted a message on the social network ‘X’ in Catalan: “The Clásico is ours. Thank you to the people who have donated their support to Madrid. La lliga es molt més a prop.” (The Clásico is ours. Thanks to the culés who have supported us in Madrid. The League is much closer.)

In the press room, Giráldez highlighted that his team was superior throughout the match: “In the first half we were much superior and even more in the second. We adjusted some positional things to create more chances with an advantage, and I think we performed very well in all areas. “We had the challenge of finishing within twelve points and we achieved it.”

He was happy because the effort made in the Champions League was hardly noticeable: “When you give this image despite playing many games in a row, not only in the football section but also from the physical point of view, it speaks very well of the moment we are in.”

And he downplayed the fact that it was his last Madrid-Barça.. at least for now: “I have experienced it like the others. When I prepare for the week, I’m not thinking about whether it’s the last one. Playing against Real Madrid is always special, every game has been a victory and that makes me very happy.” And he points out: “I don’t like to talk about goodbyes because you never know.”

Regarding Madrid’s supposed evolution towards equality, it was clear: “Barça has been working in one direction for many years, from the bottom, the youth team, we have the reserve team as a leader as well. Whether the classic is more balanced does not depend on me, what I do is work and what the rest of the teams do does not concern me.”

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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