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Barcelona 28-year-old defender could be used as bargaining chip to sign Premier League striker

Apart from a select few, Barcelona’s roster is poised for considerable turnover, with numerous players likely to be considered for transfer exits.

The club’s fickle financial state and the need to return to the 1:1 rule in La Liga compels them to oversee sales. Funds from departees will also allow Barça to invest in areas where fortifications are needed.

Due to these conditions, many players face an uncertain future, with Andreas Christensen emerging as a possible sacrificial lamb.

Newcastle interested in Christensen

Indeed, according to SPORT Premier League side Newcastle United are big fans of Christensen.

Now that Guido Rodriguez is set to arrive as a back-up defensive midfielder, Christensen is more dispensable than before.

The 28-year-old’s contract expires in 2026, and thus Barcelona could cash out on him this summer, especially considering the imminent return of Eric Garcia.

Moreover, the report argues that the Danish center-back could be a valuable negotiating chip for Alexander Isak, the Swedish forward who is being considered by Barça as a potential Robert Lewandowski successor.

Lewandowski could also hit the exit door

A transfer for Lewandowski is also beginning to gain traction, with Xavi reportedly of the belief that he is unlikely to regain his best version.

His salary is set to increase next season, compounding Barcelona’s already challenging economic situation.

As such, Barcelona are scouring the market for replacements, holding Isak in high regard.

Given his hefty price, negotiating for Isak will not be simple, but trading players could be a good alternative. Christensen’s involvement in the agreement may considerably lower the final cost.

It remains to be seen if Barça can leverage Christensen’s inclusion in the deal to successfully secure Isak’s transfer, but he is certainly not safe from a possible exit this summer.

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