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Barcelona and Nike on the cusp of ‘historic agreement’ – €90m yearly payment, €150m signing bonus

It has been some time since Barcelona and Nike finally worked out a deal to continue their partnership after a period of uncertainty and drama.

Although the deal seems to be moving forward, there has been no official announcement yet. Not much has been shared with the public since the initial details were revealed. 

However, according to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona and Nike are very close to finalizing a historic agreement for the club, as once completed, this deal will make Barcelona’s shirt the highest-paid in the market.

While the contract has not yet been signed and final details are still being worked out, both Barcelona and Nike are optimistic about the negotiations, which are going smoothly. 

One of the remaining issues is the duration of the agreement. Barcelona wanted to extend the contract for 10 more years, until 2034, while Nike preferred a 15-year extension, until 2039. It seems likely that they will compromise on a 12-year extension, lasting until 2036.

How much will Nike pay?

Nike and Barcelona will continue their partnership. (Photo by Getty Images)

Among the points already agreed upon is a €150 million renewal bonus for Barcelona. The club will also receive a fixed annual payment of around €90 million, plus bonuses. 

Importantly, they have managed to eliminate the penalties from previous contracts, which reduced payments if certain objectives, like reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League, were not met. 

Now, Barcelona will receive a fixed amount regardless of performance, with additional bonuses for achieving specific goals.

Another important change in the contract is the inclusion of release clauses. Previously, Barcelona could not easily end their contract with Nike if there was a breach. But now, they can terminate the contract without going to court if Nike fails to meet its obligations.

Despite the ongoing negotiations, the next season’s shirt, which marks Barcelona’s 125th anniversary, will go on sale in two or three weeks. 

The release has been delayed due to a printing error, as Nike used the old Spotify logo on the shirts. They are now producing new stock. Due to the number of shirts already printed with the old logo, these will be sold at a different price.

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