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Barcelona Atletic captain looks forward to first team involvement

Barcelona Atletic captain looks forward to first team involvement
Barcelona Atletic captain looks forward to first team involvement

One heartbreak at FC Barcelona is not necessarily the end of everything afterwards. Instead, the Catalan club offers chances to its players to find new purpose within the club itself. At Barcelona, the players who remain relentless and do not back out are far more appreciated than those who do.

Marc Casado, the 20-year-old Barcelona Atletic captain who recently suffered heartbreak at the hands of Cordoba seems to be one of those relentless players. Despite suffering a gut-wrenching defeat in their promotion play-off, the Barcelona Atletic captain keeps his focus towards the future it seems.

As highlighted by Mundo Deportivo, the young midfielder spoke after the game about his renewal and that he hopes to deliver his best version to the Barcelona first team despite this game possibly having been his last ever for the team led by Rafa Marquez currently:

“In theory, yes, it’s my last match… My goal is to give my all and stay with the first team.”

The player also mentioned that his new contract includes the conditions that he plays with the first team, and if his continuity with the team is not guarantee he could be sent out on loan instead. For Casado, however, impressing with the Barcelona first team remains his desire:

“I hope to prove myself during the preseason.”

He also made sure to send some gratitude towards Rafa Marquez, the man responsible for leading this young group of Barcelona talents ever-so-close to a potential promotion, regardless of the fact that they were unable to complete their objective:

“Rafa has been very supportive of me. He has helped me with everything.”

Last, the player also made sure to mention that he is proud of his side’s achievement and that there are many more Barcelona talents in the making who will surely have a part to play in the upcoming future:

“We all know that reaching the final is not easy. We must acknowledge that it has been a tough journey, and the team should be very proud of what we have achieved throughout the season and how we have competed… there are many young players. Incredible talent is emerging from the academy. They have a lot of growing to do.”

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