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Barcelona captain still on track to win prestigious individual honour this season

The return of Marc-Andre ter Stegen has been one of the key triggers for Barcelona’s return to form in recent weeks.

The German, who had to spend a few months on the sidelines owing to a back injury, has offered both strength and leadership in Barcelona’s backline.

The result? Barcelona have appeared a lot more resilient and have often managed to pick up clean sheets.

Ter Stegen could win Zamora trophy

As a matter of fact, Ter Stegen might be in a position to retain the Zamora trophy if he can continue his current performances and play all the remaining matches in La Liga this season.

The Zamora trophy is the most prestigious trophy for goalkeepers in Spain. The award is given to ‘keepers who record the lowest ‘goals-to-games’ ratio.

However, there is one huge catch – goalkeepers must play at least 28 league matches in order to qualify for the ultimate prize.

Ter Stegen was the undisputed winner of the Zamora trophy last season, as he conceded only 18 goals in 38 matches.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen remains a candidate for the Zamora trophy this season (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

This time around, many ruled Ter Stegen out of contention due to the German’s prolonged period on the sidelines.

But as we approach the final phase of the campaign, it appears Ter Stegen is still in contention for the Zamora trophy.

The Barcelona goalkeeper has featured in 20 matches so far, meaning he can qualify if he plays all the remaining matches for Barcelona.

In fact, ter Stegen may even win the coveted trophy if he maintains his current levels. The Barcelona star, so far this season, has conceded 17 goals in 20 matches, which accounts for 0.85 goals conceded per game.

His closest competitor Unai Simon has played in a lot more matches. But the Athletic Club goalkeeper has also conceded 26 goals, amounting to a goals-per-game ratio of 0.89.

Therefore, if Ter Stegen continues to maintain his current levels, he might be able to retain the prestigious Zamora trophy come the end of the season.

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