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Barcelona confident of closing a new major sponsorship agreement

The 2023/24 season hasn’t been particularly great for Barcelona both in terms of sporting achievements and financial stability.

In fact, since moving to the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium in Montjuic, Barcelona’s balance sheet has rumbled due to a lack of expected attendance.

However, all that could change as a report from Mundo Deportivo has affirmed that the team is actively pursuing a new majorsponsorship agreement to bolster its operating account, which is currently experiencing a significant shortfall in the 2023-24 financial year. 

For that, the club is engaged in multifaceted efforts, including negotiations for sponsorships and seeking investors for Barça Vision, aimed at addressing the financial challenges arising from Libero’s non-payment.

Joan Laporta’s efforts bearing fruits

Sources from the club have informed the aforementioned outlet that there is optimism about closing a sponsorship agreement that is considered very advantageous for the club and its financial stability.

Joan Laporta has played a significant role in this new sponsorship deal. (Photo by VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO/AFP via Getty Images)

Interestingly enough, this agreement would be a consequence of Joan Laporta’s recent trips to Dubai. And now that it is bearing fruits, the Barcelona president now plans to travel once again only when the agreement is pending signature.

However, on the other hand, efforts continue to find an investor to contribute the €40 million that Libero should have paid before December 31. Negotiations are not closed, while yesterday the club announced the launch of ‘Barça One’, a new free streaming channel of Barcelona content.

It would be a channel that, in the event that Barcelona’s audiovisual business line became listed on the stock market through Bridgeburg, would form part of the Barça Vision pie. As long as there is no stock market listing, it will operate on its own.

In simple words, if that new sponsor is roped in, Barcelona can overcome the losses they have endured due to the overprojection of stadium attendance this season.

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