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Barcelona players surprised by president Laporta’s comments on La Liga title chances

Earlier this week, speaking at the Mundo Deportivo gala, Barcelona president Joan Laporta claimed that the team can still win the La Liga title this season despite the team’s current position.

“Xavi said it is difficult to win the league? I always agree with Xavi. I want to add that yes, the opponents will make it very difficult, but we will win the league. I am convinced Barcelona will go far and will be favorites to win the league eventually,” he had said.

It must be noted that Barcelona are currently third in the league table, eight points shy of leaders Girona and seven below second-placed Real Madrid.

But Laporta, in his comments, exuded confidence that the Catalans still can go on to win the title.

Laporta’s comments surprise players

Now, SPORT is reporting that the comments made by Laporta regarding the title chances have surprised members in the Barcelona dressing room.

Those within the locker room believe that one of the various problems in the uncomfortable day-to-day life of the Barça team is the difference between the expectations of some of the fans and the footballing reality.

The Barcelona players and coaching staff are perfectly aware that there are situations that depend on them alone. They also recognise that they need to give more and better in various aspects of the game, especially having missed out on two trophies already.

However, they believe that it does not help them to achieve their objectives if they constantly put pressure on themselves and label almost every game or stretch of the season’s calendar as a ‘final’.

It is for this reason that Barcelona’s dressing room was surprised by the latest words of the president.

There are several voices in Xavi’s squad who agree that these statements only increase the expectations surrounding the team, especially in the eyes of the fans, who are already disappointed with some of Barça’s recent results.

Everyone in the squad accepts that the demands of a club like this one are at a maximum, but they consider that with the situation they are in, a more prudent and realistic discourse would be more appropriate.

The squad wants to fight for La Liga until the end and of course, they believe they will have a chance if they raise their performance from now on. But they intend to take things one game at a time and generating unrealistic expectations would only invite more pressure on the team.

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