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Barcelona president wants to sign Manchester City goalscoring phenom in 2025

A recent report from Graeme Bailey has claimed that Barcelona president Joan Laporta is planning to pursue Erling Haaland in the summer of 2025. 

Interestingly, it must be noted that Haaland is not a new target for Barcelona. Before they signed Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, the club considered bringing in the Manchester City forward. 

However, the move was abandoned due to financial constraints and Manchester City’s reluctance to negotiate.

Currently, it is no secret that Barcelona aim to strengthen critical positions such as the left wing and the defensive midfield. Once these areas are addressed, the team will focus on finding a new forward to eventually replace Lewandowski. 

By then, the newly renovated Camp Nou will be ready, which will be a significant boost to their transfer ambitions.

Haaland is a far-fetched option for Barcelona

Despite Barcelona’s interest, it seems highly unlikely that Haaland will leave Manchester City anytime soon. Even in 2025, it is expected that Barcelona will struggle to present a competitive offer for the forward. 

Haaland is a target for Laporta for 2025 (Photo by FREDRIK VARFJELL/NTB/AFP via Getty Images)

Haaland is a player who is highly admired at Barcelona, and securing his signature would be a major achievement for the club. However, from a financial standpoint, the deal seems almost impossible in the near future.

The forward’s current market value is extremely high, and his salary is equally substantial. As suggested a few months back, signing Haaland would cost Barcelona around €175 million, due to a release clause in his contract with Manchester City. 

This clause will decrease after the summer of 2026, but even then, the cost would be exorbitant for Barcelona.

In summary, while Barcelona’s interest in Haaland is genuine and his addition to the team would be strategically advantageous, the financial hurdles make this transfer highly improbable. 

The club would need to overcome significant economic challenges to make this dream a reality. 

For now, Barcelona’s focus will remain on strengthening other key areas of the squad, with the hope that someday they might be in a position to secure a player of Haaland’s calibre.

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