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Barcelona pundit comes up with bizarre idea that could make club ‘sign whoever they want’

Barcelona have been put in a serious bind, with years of fiscal mismanagement catching up to the club.

By now, the Catalan giants’ struggles in recent transfer windows have been well documented. From struggling to muster up funds for elite players to registering new signings in the nick of time, Barcelona have faced considerable hurdles.

And this limited flexibility in the transfer market has necessitated creative solutions over the years like wage cuts and the sale of club assets, which are famously known as economic pulling levers.

Fresh perspective

Now, as Barça heads into the summer transfer window, their economic situation continues to be an area of concern.

But Jota Jordi, a Barcelona pundit voicing his thoughts on El Chiringuito TV, has devised an inventive approach to help the team come out of this rut.

“I have an idea for Barça. It is very easy. Every Barça fan around the world pays the club €5, and Barça can sign whoever they want,” the journalist claimed.

With this crowd-funded revenue, the club could potentially have a much-needed financial boost to sign top-quality players like Bernardo Silva or Martin Zubimendi, whom they continue to be linked with.

After all, given Barcelona’s massive fanbase all over the globe, even a small contribution from a fraction of these supporters could quickly add up to a huge sum.

That said, such an approach is easier said than done, and the complexities of such a large-scale approach require a well-thought-out plan of action.

For example, lack of transparency could be an issue that arises, with fans naturally wanting to know how their contributions are being used.

Ultimately, the implementation of such an approach appears to be an unlikely scenario in the near future, but if push comes to shove, who knows what lines Barcelona are willing to cross?

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