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Barcelona return for Xavi Simons in doubt with Hansi Flick appointment – report

It is no secret that Barcelona are keen on signing Xavi Simons from Paris Saint-Germain, and even the young midfielder, who once trained at La Masia, is eager to return to Catalonia

This interest from both sides seemed like a perfect match, especially with Barcelona’s coach, Xavi, eyeing the move in the past. However, recent developments have cast doubt on this potential transfer.

The departure of Xavi from Barcelona and the arrival of Hansi Flick as the new coach has created uncertainty around Simons’ move and there are several reasons why this transfer might not happen as planned.

Challenges Barcelona face to sign Simons

Firstly, negotiating with PSG for the 21-year-old Simons has been challenging. 

The French club has shown no interest in selling him permanently and given Barcelona’s financial difficulties, a loan deal seems like the only viable option. 

If Barcelona were to consider a permanent transfer, they would face significant hurdles due to Financial Fair Play regulations, which are strict about clubs’ spending in relation to their income. 

Xavi Simons is admired by the Barcelona management. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

To put things in perspective, Barcelona’s current financial state makes it hard to meet these requirements without running into trouble.

Interest in Simons is plenty

Moreover, other major European clubs are interested in signing Simons permanently with teams like RB Leipzig, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester United, and even Newcastle United said to be in the race

Despite this intense competition, Simons has expressed a clear preference for returning to Barcelona, which gives the Catalan club some hope.

Interestingly, Simons was named after the former manager, Xavi, which adds a sentimental element to the potential transfer. 

However, it is rumoured that Simons is not on Hansi Flick’s list of immediate priorities for the team. While the Barcelona board considers Simons an option, Flick’s input will be crucial in making any final decisions.

For now, Barcelona are likely to wait until Flick settles in and has a say in the team’s rebuilding process. It is essential for the club to align their transfer targets with the new manager’s vision to ensure a cohesive and effective squad.

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