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Barcelona set a date for the launch of the 125th anniversary home kit for 2024/25

According to Mundo Deportivo, after some unforeseen delays, FC Barcelona have set a date for the launch and sale of their first kit for the 2024/25 season.

Many fans have been eagerly awaiting the day on which they will be able to buy Barça’s home kit for the next season, given that in previous years it was already available by May or early June.

But following a slight delay, there is now an unofficial date on which the home kit – the 125th anniversary edition jersey – will go live on sale.

Barcelona first kit to be available from July 18

Indeed, as per the report, the commercial department of Barcelona have already set a date in the calendar on which the shirt will be launched – Thursday, 18 July.

This date has been decided by those responsible for the commercial area as the ideal date for the launch of the new kit, and this has been communicated to different departments of the club and the sponsors involved in the launch of the shirt.

The delays in the official launch of the new home kit came about due to some problems on the manufacturers’ end.

Indeed, Nike are understood to have made some typographic errors while printing the shirts, leading to the delays.

When will Barcelona wear the new home kit?

As things stand, the idea is for Barcelona to debut the new first kit for the 2024/25 season during the pre-season fixture against Manchester City on July 30 in the USA.

As such, the idea is for the shirt to be released and put up for sale two weeks before that, with July 18 now being set as the date.

Barcelona’s home kit for 2024/25 will celebrate the club’s 125th anniversary and has a design similar to the shirt of the 1998/99 season when the Catalans celebrated their centenary.

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