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Barcelona suspect captain has other offers, awaiting response on renewal proposal

According to journalist Gerard Romero, Barcelona eagerly await a response from Ronald Araujo’s agents this week, operating under the assumption that they might have received other offers for the defender.

Barcelona’s desire to renew Araujo’s contract is well known. However, despite their clear intentions, Araujo’s agents have been slow to engage in negotiations

With the defender’s current contract extending until 2026, the club is keen to finalise his renewal swiftly, especially given the widespread interest he has attracted across Europe.

It is said that the persistent delays from Araujo’s representatives are beginning to frustrate the club’s executives and there is a growing suspicion that these delays are strategic, aimed at securing the best possible terms by leveraging other potential offers.

What does the future hold for Araujo?

The situation surrounding Araujo has been shrouded in mystery for the past month. His name appeared on a theoretical transfer list drafted by Xavi, with support from the Sports Commission led by Deco, adding to the confusion. 

Ronald Araujo’s future is uncertain at Barcelona. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

An internal leak of this list to the player created a tense atmosphere just days before a crucial match. This internal conflict only heightened the uncertainty surrounding Araujo’s future at Barcelona.

Barcelona’s intention has always been clear: they want Araujo to renew his contract. Months ago, they extended a renewal offer to him, but the player has yet to respond

All this has led to the suggestion that Araujo’s struggles towards the end of the season made him contemplate leaving the club, especially given the interest from other top teams.

Will things change for Barcelona and Araujo?

The appointment of Hansi Flick initially seemed to resolve the issue, but recent weeks have seen no positive response from Araujo. 

After the season ended, Araujo indicated that his representatives would meet with Barcelona’s management, but weeks have passed without any significant progress.

The situation would become critical if Araujo explicitly expressed a desire to leave. It is challenging to retain a player who does not want to stay, and for Barcelona to consider a transfer, any offer would need to be substantial.

Currently, it appears that Araujo does not intend to leave Barcelona, but this does not necessarily mean he is committed to staying either. If he does decide to continue with the club, it will likely be on terms that favour him significantly.

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