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Barcelona teenage academy prospect being tracked by Argentine youth national team

La Masia’s resurgence in recent years has seen several players be given a run in the Barcelona first team. The latest and youngest of them all, Lamine Yamal and Pau Cubarsi are even regulars with the Spanish International team at this point.

What makes the Catalan club’s academy such a fascinating project to study is that there are players at every level ready to knock on the doors of a promotion to the next rung.

One such player, who currently plays for the Infantil B level, is Piero Ferrari.

True to his name

At just 13 years of age, Ferrari is seen as one of the academy’s most promising and rapidly developing wingers.

True to his name, ironically, it is his pace and agility that serve as his primary weapons down the flank. Playing as a right-winger for Infantil B, he has the required prowess to power his way past opposition defenders and introduce verticality into the build-up.

An ACL injury last season forced the youngster to spend a prolonged period on the sidelines and arrived as a massive challenge at an early stage in his career.

Ferrari, however, has overcome the obstacle and he is now back dominating on the field and is an able weapon on both wings. In fact, he even has four goals to his name this season.

Three-way battle

Ferrari’s Argentine parents and roots place him well to play for the Argentine National team, and the Albiceleste are already keen on tying him down to their federation.

However, his parents have Italian roots and the doors to the Italian National Team are thus also open for the youngster.

He can also represent Spain given his time at La Masia, thus resulting in a three-way battle for his international future.

It remains to be seen which federation the youngster opts to represent in the future. At a club level, however, he is keen on staying at Barcelona and proving his worth at the club of his dreams.

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