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Barcelona veteran hails starlet as ‘one of the most talented young players around’

Two of the tournament favourites, Germany and Spain, will be facing off in the UEFA Euro 2024 quarter-final stage in just over 24 hours.

The clash is set to feature an impressive total of six Barcelona players, with Pedri, Lamine Yamal, Fermin Lopez, and Ferran Torres facing off against Ilkay Gundogan and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

Ahead of the highly anticipated showdown, Gundogan has showered high praise on his Barcelona compatriot, Lamine Yamal, while also touching upon his intensive season.

Gundogan gushes over Yamal

Having been teammates with him at Barcelona last season, Gundogan is now poised to face Lamine Yamal on the opposing side.

The 16-year-old winger has been a revelation for Spain on the right flank and will once again be vying to leave a significant mark on the game.

Acknowledging the youngster’s incredible talents, Gundogan told Mundo Deportivo: “Lamine is a fantastic player at 16, he could be 20 or 21 and still be the same. He is possibly one of the most talented young players around today.”

Gundogan and Yamal will face off at the Euros. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

He also shed light on Nico Williams, Yamal’s wing partner with the Spanish national team and Barcelona’s priority target for the left-wing position.

“He also has a lot of talent and a daring approach to the game which I also see in Lamine,” Gundogan remarked.

On his intensive season

Since joining Barcelona as a free agent last summer, Gundogan has barely been afforded the luxury of enjoying ample rest.

Indeed, at Barcelona, he plugged in various positions and was a constant presence in the starting XI.

Now, he finds himself a regular on the German national team as well. Gundogan has admitted that this season has been demanding, emphasizing that at the elite level, caution and a strong mentality are essential prerequisites.

“It’s been a very demanding season, but I’m not complaining. In top-level football, you learn to take care of yourself, to know where your limits are and above all to have a strong mentality in good and bad times,” he highlighted.

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