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Bellingham, Camavinga, Modric… Several Real Madrid fans, ‘portrayed’ with their national teams


In England arrecian the criticisms against Bellingham while Vinicius left a debut for the forget in the Glass America, Lunin has remained deleted with Ukraine after losing the titularity that lasted him only a party and Camavinga continues being an interrogante with France. All seemed to show, except exceptions like the ones of Kroos or Carvajal, that several delos recent champions of Europe with the Real Madrid are suffering a lot of with his respective selections.

If there is a country that is being critical with his selection that is England. Although Southgate have attained to classify to the English team like first of group, the poor game of the ‘Three Lions’ does that they arrive with a lot of doubts to the party of eighth in front of Slovakia and there Bellingham is having also a lot of responsibilities. The English had a good first time in front of Serbia in which it annotated a goal, but afterwards simply has not existed at all more than the player of the Madrid, that, as in his final stretch of season, shows desdibujado and lost in the field.

Modric Could not raise to Croatia and Lunin condemned to Ukraine

Another of the images of this summer of tournament of selections has been the one of a Luka Modric with very little weight in Crocia. The golden generation Croat signed his goodbye after seeing how Italy him empataba at the end of the party. Before, Modric had failed a penalti, an error that compensated with a so much back that certainly put to Croatia in eighth, but that in the two previous parties could not contribute at all similar.

By his part, Lunin has remained ‘signalled’ as one of the managers of the elimination of Ukraine in the first phase of the Euro. The guardameta began like titling in front of Romania, but his errors cost him expensive to Ukraine. The selection of Rebrov remained deleted after remaining equalised to four points with the rest of countries of his group. However, the 3-0 in front of the rumanos did the difference against of the combined of Lunin, that, after apologising of all the possible ways, was acting in the two last days to the detriment of Trubin, goalkeeper of the Benfica.



Camavinga And Vinicius, lost by the field

Another of the ‘big’ that is being criticised by his game is France. The ones of Deschamps not even were able to happen to eighth like first of group after not annotating an alone goal of played. A so much in own and another of penalti of Mbappé are the only offensive contribution of the Frenchmen until the moment in a team in which Eduardo Camavinga is being acting by behind options like Rabiot.

Finally, the past weekend saw like Vinicius lost 18 balloons in front of the combined Costa Rica in the debut of Brazil in the Glass America and finished substituted in the 70′ by Endrick. The numbers of the player of the Madrid with his selection are distant of which presents with his club. It does not mark with the ‘verdeamarela’ from does a year and went in a friendly against Guinea. For Vinicius, the Glass America earns this year greater importance, because a bad tournament can separate him of the Balloon of Gold, highlighting besides that Endrick, that will arrive in summer to the Bernabéu, neither has been able to show at all of his talent.

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