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Cesc Fàbregas defends Xavi for his brutal work with young players


Cesc Fàbregas has happened quickly to be a star of the world-wide football to a trainer that already begins to receive recognition by his first works. And it is that the Catalan has attained does few days the promotion to the first division of Italy, the Series To, with the modest As, club to the that arrived for his retreat does a pair of years, even adding also like shareholder.

Now, already with the security that it will be in the elite of Europe the next season, has conceded an interview for the ‘Chain BE’ in which in addition to reviewing his big season at the head of the Italian team, also has wanted to value the work of Xavi in the FC Barcelona. The exjugador wanted to back to his excompañero, as well as also explain why never convinced of fichar by the Real Madrid, in spite of having this possibility on the table.

Fàbregas Has clear that Xavi has done a big work in the Barça

Fàbregas Has explained initially that, by his work like trainer, is not very to the day of the controversies that surround to the Barça, but has not doubted in leaving his praises for the trainer of the Barcelona club. “Have a good relation with him, is súper culé and was allocated to be trainer of the Barça. It knows what says and what does”, highlighted the also excanterano culé.

“The most stood out is as it is taking out youngsters of the quarry, In 2 or 3 safe years that will agree us that Xavi took out to these players, is doing a good work in the base”, explained. Likewise, Cesc aimed that “Xavi is contributing a lot of” to the Barcelona team, leaving also clear that form in the Masia is always a point that helps a lot to the distinct trainers, quoting also the example of Pep Guardiola or Thiago Motta.

Cesc finish ‘happening’ of the Madrid when it was player

Finally, Fàbregas aimed that it does not know how will go his future with regard to training sometime to teams like Barça or Real Madrid, but yes that remembered that “I had the opportunity of fichar several times by the Real Madrid and did not see it by several reasons”, revealed. Like this, the Catalan left clear that “they are two clubs that do not know if they go me to call never of the big that are”, analysed.

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