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Coach Values, the Leadership Program from its protagonists

The FC Barcelona Players’ Association has organized a new edition of Coach Values, the Leadership Training Programme for High Performance Teams for companies. The participants, who were taking a course at the IESE business school, enjoyed a morning where they learned first-hand about FC Barcelona’s successful methodology adapted to the needs and objectives of the company from its epicenter: the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

During the morning, they experienced an immersive day, dressing up in blaugrana to carry out a training session on the pitch. They practiced exercises that require teamwork where fluid communication, role definition, leadership and soft skills are key to maximize results and, above all, to enjoy a unique experience. The members of the Association Jordi Martínez, Laura Ruiz, Enric Castellà and Juanjo Carricondo have given this activity.

Katie, one of the managers of the participating company, says that “it reminds us of what is important: that we have fun doing what we do and that we don’t forget the most basic elements. To do that, we need to put our own shoes on”. For Wellington, from Brazil, “the exercises are focused on team organization. First you have to evaluate and discover your strengths and weaknesses in order to choose your role within the team. Then it’s time to develop your function to maximize the team’s results”.

Identity, individual, group

The second half of Coach Values takes place in the auditorium of La Masia. A space where the identity, the culture of belonging and the values of the Club, which are constantly being worked on and are recognized all over the world, can be breathed. Juanjo Carricondo, a former first team player, was in charge of explaining FC Barcelona’s methodology in depth, emphasizing the characteristics that make it unique.

Katie ventured to make a comparison between the concepts learned and the atmosphere that is generated within a company: “When you know the personality, aspirations and skills of each of your members, you can design a specific strategy where everyone shows their best version and this is how a positive atmosphere is generated so that, in the end, the business can extract the maximum benefit. At Barça they have a very clear and careful vision of how to do this and how to internalize it in the former players”.

Wellington “had heard about the values of FC Barcelona, but I think that what I have experienced here is simply amazing”. He feels that everyone at the Club identifies with the values that are transmitted: “I can really feel it”. They both took the knowledge home with them and say that, once they return, they will share what they have learned with their colleagues.


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