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Córdoba takes on a tough Barça Atlético in the Segunda showdown

Losing a final can be really tough and disappointing. Barça Atlètic felt that disappointment in Córdoba when they were relegated from the Second Division in the final moments. But no one, not even a more experienced opponent, can take away the pride of fighting against a team of young footballers. It may not have been the epic victory they hoped for, but in football, goals matter more than intentions. The 2-1 defeat by Córdoba, led by Toril, was a wake-up call. Still, the Barça Atlètic team deserves a round of applause.

Rafa Márquez‘s team didn’t start as favorites. Córdoba did, setting up a fan zone before and after the match, openly celebrating their promotion. Both coaches were aware of what happened in the first leg and fielded the same players who played in the previous match.

Barça Atlètic faced two challenges – a tough Córdoba team on the field and a hostile crowd in the stands. The Córdoba team had more experience and a profile of a First Division team. The fans were loud and put pressure on the Barça Atlètic players and their 150 supporters, mostly family members, who were in one corner of the stadium.

The game started well for Barça Atlètic. They took advantage of defensive weaknesses from the first leg, creating chances with shots from Marc Guiu and Moha that were saved by Marín. The Córdoba goalkeeper made some great saves, stopping a free kick from Faye and a shot from Marc Bernal. Barça Atlètic had better positions, controlled the ball well, and demanded attention as a strong opponent. It didn’t take long for them to show their fighting spirit.

After fifteen minutes, a fantastic play in the center of the field involving Pau Vítor allowed Héctor Fort to sprint towards the goal and unleash a powerful shot, making it 0-1. It was a shock for the home fans, who fell silent and would have preferred to stay warm in the scorching 37-degree weather. The Andalusian team tried to fight back, but their efforts were disorganized, resulting in the goalkeeper receiving a yellow card for a dive after a challenge by Guiu. The forward was a constant threat with shots that narrowly missed the target.

However, the home team did not give up. Encouraged by the crowd, a play on the right wing led to a cross that Toril headed into the net. The Archangel stadium erupted with cheers. Despite lacking a clear strategy, Córdoba managed to equalize, a result that favored them as it meant promotion. A few incidents in the stands distracted the Barcelona players, who struggled until the end of the first half, which seemed never-ending for Márquez ‘s team.

Possession of the ball was up for grabs, with Iván Ania ‘s team looking stronger. They believed that promotion was within reach. To add to the tension, there were two extra minutes due to Faye colliding with the fence. The first half seemed to drag on for 56 long minutes. The score was tied at 1-1, leaving everything to play for.

The second half kicked off with less intensity but the same level of excitement, although the pace of the game slowed down, becoming more tactical as both teams tried to control the tempo. Córdoba took the lead with a shot from Diarra that missed the target. Barcelona struggled to respond effectively. The pressure from the home team became relentless, resulting in a defensive error that led to the second goal for the home team, making it 2-1. Marc Vidal and Casadó failed to communicate effectively.

But let me tell you, this team really knows how to step up when things get tough, especially when they’re playing away from home. They fought till the very end. The game got a bit intense with a tough tackle from Casadó on Isma Ruiz. The tension was high, but Barça didn’t back down. Márque made some strategic moves, bringing in Pocho, who had previously performed well at the Johan Cruyff and Angel Alarcón. Faye had a chance, but unfortunately, it didn’t go in.



Marin; Albarrán, Lapeña, Barboza, Calderón; Carracedo, Diarra, Zalazar (subbed off at 75′, Simo), Isma Ruiz, Adilson; and Toril (subbed off at 75′ for Houses).

Barça Atlètic

Marc Vidal; Fort, Pelayo (Angel Alarcón came in at 82′), Faye, Martín; Moha (subbed off at 77′ for Pocho), Casadó, Bernal; Pau Víctor, Guiu (subbed off at 64′ for Dani H.) and Unai.

Goals: 0-1: Héctor Fort (14′); 1-1: Toril (33′); 2-1: Toril (64′)

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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