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‘Crack’ In the market! Bruno Guimares leaves in the air his future


In England are in ‘flames’ by the Fair Play financial. According to an information of Sky Sports, are six the clubs that will have to sell to several players before 30 June, when it finish the period 2023/2024, to fulfil with the parameters of the economic control or will confront to sanctions. Between them, it will be a Newcastle that in the last years, since it was purchased in 2021 by Mohammed bin Salman, has invested a lot of money to reinforce the team and be able to compete in the Premier League.

The situation of the ‘magpies’ is not the ideal and could see in the need to insist in the exit of several important players, between them Bruno Guimaraes that has turned into one of the vital pieces of the team in these last years and one of the ‘culprits’ that they have played the phase of groups of the Champions League in this season. In the club do not give by ‘seated’ that go to remain and now the Brazilian has left doubts.

Guimaraes Speaks on his future in the Newcastle

In a recent interview to ‘TNT Sports’, from the concentration of Brazil for the dispute of the Glass America of this summer, the midfield player has left clear that anything could happen during these next months. “My future? Have agreement with the Newcastle and am very happy. I do not know what goes to happen with the Fair Play Financial, but can say that I am very happy”, explained.

The player has recognised that it is halagador the fact that several important teams of Europe, between them the FC Barcelona or the Manchester City, have showed interest in his incorporation in the last weeks: “it Is well see my name linked with big clubs, means that I am doing well my work. But I am not concerned, am happy in Newcastle. We will see which raisin”.

The Newcastle will not give to Guimaraes

Although the urracas could see forced to sell to Guimaraes, will not be a simple operation to assume for the majority of teams in Europe. It has turned into one of the mediocentros more consistent of the Premier League and one of the best of the world. The Newcastle paid, in 2021, 50 million euros to the Olympique of Lyon to do with his services and would seem difficult that this summer ask less than 70 or 80 ‘kilos’ to leave him go out… Especially because in England there will be, surely, interested.

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