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Cristiano Ronaldo surpasses Cruyff, Xavi and Iniesta in the ‘top 10’ of best Europeans in history


When the debate still was if Diego Maradona or Peeled were the best player of all the history, the name of Johan Cruyff constantly was mentioned like the one of this player that could consider like the best European of all time. The Dutch had dominated the football of Europe in the decade of the 70, so much with the Ajax as with the FC Barcelona, remaining besides very near to reach the glory with Low Countries in the World-wide of 1974.

It is thus that The Lean was synonymous of European command, something that some footballers, as Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini or Franz Beckenbauer contested him in distinct moments of the last half century. But now, the magazine ‘Four Four Two’, usual in the preparation of ránkings futbolísticos, has established to Cristiano Ronaldo like the best of Europe, in a ránking in which in addition to Cruyff, the Portuguese also has surpassed to other two exjugadores of the Barça.

Cristiano begins a ránking full of absolute legends

The forward luso leads a list that the own editor warns that “it depends of the eye that looks” in a particular list with which have been, to his understand, the 100 better European footballers of all time. There it stands out that in the ‘Top 10’ has to the Barça, beside the Juventus, like the club with more players, although the culés have them in a better position.

Splitting of the fact that Christian has attained to surpass to Cruyff, at least in this list, the third place is for Beckenbauer, the one who could consider like the best defence of all time, in his case also taking in account the others continents. After the German is a Zidane that for some could contest him to Christian the first place, or to Cruyff the second, although in this case it does not reach him for the podium.

The two better mediocampistas of the history of the Barça

Andrés Iniesta, with his big impact in the golden age of the Spanish football and of the Barça, remains with the fifth box, being a name that without any problem could situate in the fourth or third position, especially thanks to his list of winners and command of the game during the best moment of his career. The English Bobby Charlton and the German Gerd Müller, two big goleadores, are sixth and seventh of the list, situating just by in front of the Italian Paolo Maldini, a name that also is considered like the best defence of all the history of the football.

In the ninth position appears Xavi Hernández and his grandísima career in the Barça and in the Red. The Catalan was the guide of the best Barcelona generation and won to pulse his place in the ‘olimpo’ of the football, surpassing, for example, to the French Platini, that in this case closes the ‘top’. Although it always will be a personal assessment, yes that see to three ex footballers of the Barça between the first ten places suggest the so high impact that has had the club inside the European football.

The list of the 10 more stood out

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – Sporting Portugal/Man. United/Real Madrid/Juventus
  2. Johan Cruyff (Low Countries) – Ajax/FC Barcelona/Feyenoord
  3. Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) – Bayern of Munich
  4. Zinedine Zidane (France) – Burdeos/Juventus/Real Madrid
  5. Andrés Iniesta (Spain) – FC Barcelona
  6. Bobby Charlton (England) – Manchester United
  7. Gerd Müller (Germany) – Bayern of Munich
  8. Paolo Maldini (Italy) – AC Milan
  9. Xavi Hernández (Spain) – FC Barcelona
  10. Michel Platini (France) – Saint Etienne/Juventus

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