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‘Dardo’ to Modric? Rakitic Shares a message that proclaims him “the best Croat of the history”


The selection of Croatia crosses the one who probably was his more complicated moment of the recent years. Accustomed to make a big paper in the international tournaments of the last polish, the Balkan have surprised to all and sundry with his low performance in the Eurocopa 2024, where still do not know the victory after being goleados by Spain and suffer a tie in the last minute with Albania.

In the middle of the Croatian crisis, Ivan Rakitic has ‘lit’ the social networks when sharing a posteo in his Instagram personal. “The best player of the history of Croatia” prays the image, beside a photography of the midfield player. The gesture has ‘woken up’ the controversy in the world of the football, with opinions of cientos of inflate (Croats and no) in favour and against.

The footballer withdrew of the selection in September of 2020, just after returning to the Seville after six campaigns dressing the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona. Now, the player of the To the Shabab of Saudi Arabia seems to do ‘firewood of the tree fallen’, with the combined Croat ready of ‘play the life’ in front of Italy.

Praises to Modric

The publication of Rakitic is, what less, ironic, since the player ‘undid’ in praises to Luka Modric does some days in an interview conceded to the newspaper ‘ACE’. “What can say of Luka? Expect me that go to take a dictionary… Have to invent me some word to define the big that is. You are or it does not inflate of the Real Madrid, Luka is a tale aside. It is pure football, an example for the boys, the professionals and the journalists also. By all what has achieved with the Madrid and the selection, but also by his deal with all the world. Those that love the football want that it was still in the Madrid and Europe to follow enjoying of him. It is only and different”, began saying Ivan.

If it owes him the football this Euro to Modric? Yes, it has to it to him. We are a country of little more than 4 million inhabitants and seems lie speak of this record that have, especially in the World-wide. It seems a tale invented, is not logical. And apart from the results, here are the players that has taken out Croatia. It would be special to see to Modric raise the trophy”, concluded Rakitic, whose gesture has generated controversial in the social networks.

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