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Defensive ace focused entirely on his continuity with Barcelona despite exit claims

Journalist Ferran Correas, writing for SPORT, has revealed that Barcelona are feeling increasingly reassured about the future of Ronald Araujo, as it appears more and more certain that he will remain a player for Barça, much to the relief of the club.

It is important to note that several major European clubs, including Bayern Munich and Manchester United, have expressed strong interest in Araujo. 

These clubs were once prepared to make substantial financial offers for the talented Uruguayan defender. 

Given Barcelona’s financial challenges and the surplus of players in the centre-back position, the club’s sports management had to contemplate the possibility of negotiating Araujo’s transfer

However, club president Joan Laporta has always been against selling him, a stance that has only been strengthened with the recent appointment of Hansi Flick as the head coach. 

There is a renewal on the table

Given these circumstances, the sports management team has already reached out to Araujo’s representatives to initiate discussions about renewing his contract. 

His current contract is set to expire in 2026, and it would be ideal to extend it during the upcoming season, starting from July 1. 

Ronald Araujo will continue at Barcelona. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

Initial discussions, however, did not go smoothly, as Araujo was promised a significant salary increase in his next contract renewal. However, the current offer did not meet those expectations. Consequently, negotiations were paused, awaiting further meetings.

Barcelona are hopeful

Despite the hiccup in negotiations, Barcelona remain hopeful and somewhat reserved in their approach, while Araujo’s camp advises patience. 

They emphasise that the defender is solely focused on continuing his career with Barcelona, a sentiment he has expressed publicly on multiple occasions. 

He is calm about the situation, knowing he still has two more years left on his contract, which allows ample time for further negotiation.

Araujo’s representatives have also clarified that the player has never shown any interest in leaving Barcelona. The rumours about his potential transfer to another European club seem to have originated from within Barcelona itself. 

Additionally, they explain that Araujo is very pleased with the arrival of Hansi Flick and is eager to embark on this new project with the club.

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