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EUROPE vs AMERICA: We have a winner!

Over the last fortnight or so, users of the Official FC Barcelona App have been picking the all-time XIs of both European and American players that have played for Barça over the years. Once the line-ups were confirmed, we then asked which of the two sides would win a hypothetical match between the two, and it seems the majority reckon the American side would come out tops.

The four versions (Catalan, Spanish, English and French) gathered 4,058 votes in total, with the Americans getting 2,420 (59.64%) and the Europeans 1,638 (40.36%). Well, it was quite some side that the Americans had, with Claudio Bravo in goal protected by a defence of Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano, Rafa Márquez and Adriano Correia; a midfield consisting of Arturo Vidal, Philippe Coutinho and Diego Maradona and a top class frontline of Leo Messi, Ronaldinho and Luis Suárez.


Europe wins among Catalans

Curiously, although the Americans were the clear winners in terms of the total number of votes, in the specific case of the Catalan version, the European team came out tops with 57.94% of the vote. But the users of the English, Spanish and French versions clearly tipped the overall balance in the opposite direction.

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