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FC Barcelona and María Escoté collaborate to create a T-shirt to celebrate International Women’s Day

A collaboration between FC Barcelona and Maria Escoté to celebrate International Women’s Day has led to the creation of a new T-shirt to symbolise equality. With a firm commitment to diversity, equality and inclusivity, and to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March, the Club has implemented a number of actions regarding equality and the importance of raising awareness about women in society and sport.

With the aim of connecting with younger generations in order raise awareness about equality, the creation is a driver of this year’s 8M campaign that is based around the Club’s slogan, ‘Equality is in our colours. Empowering future generations’.

The design of this exclusive unisex garment was inspired by the blending of the original blaugrana colours that produced the ‘Lila Barça’ colour. This lifestyle design includes the blaugrana-supporting famous Catalan designer’s signature touches. Her designs have been worn by international artists such as Beyonce and Rosalía, and this design sees the blended colours used as a base, with a combination of different techniques used.

The T-shirt’s design

The ‘Lila Barça’ coloured T-shirt includes the FC Barcelona crest on the front, with Maria Escoté’s blue and maroon colour-based design running diagonally across the front.

The designer wanted to materialise the values of equality, fellowship, unity, creativity, identity, strength and cultural values that FC Barcelona particularly stands for in this creation. The female touch, the importance of the art and the traditional techniques in this design represent the essence and beauty of inclusivity and change.

The artwork in the piece was produced using gouache, acrylic and oil-based techniques, applied using a flat brush and a spatula.

About María Escoté

Colourful, rebellious, creative, passionate and different. Escoté has creativity in her genes – she grew up surrounded by brushes and scraps of fabric as her mother was a weaver and her father a painter.

She launched her own brand in 2006 and her unique urban clothing with a very contemporary style is being worn around the world, including by artists such as Beyonce, Rosalía, Rita Ora, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

María Escoté is known for her eclectic and colourful garments, which reflect her desire for a world of equality, love, respect, and colour.

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