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FC Barcelona is already negotiating with UEFA an exception to advance its return to the Camp Nou


The FC Barcelona seems to be interested in that his last commitment of the phase of liguilla of the Champions League 2024-25 like venue play in the renewed Spotify Camp Nou in place of the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. In fact, as it commented in the program ‘Tot Coast’ of the chain ‘Catalonia Ràdio’, the combined Barcelona is in conversations with the UEFA, the organism rector of the competition, to carry out this modification.

It is necessary to take into account that, according to the regulation of the League of Champions 2024-25, specifically in the article 25.08, do not allow changes in the stadium designated like venue during the first phase of this contest. Likewise, any modification that make for the eliminatory instances has to be agreed previously with the UEFA. The rule establishes: “From the phase of league, a club has to, in principle, play all his parties of the competition in a same stadium. Besides, any change of stadium between the eliminatory and the phase of league will have to agree previously with the UEFA”.

In this sense, the FC Barcelona will begin the League of Champions 2024/25 in Montjuïc, and with all security will face there his first three meetings in condition of venue. However, the Catalan picture, that apparently has the intention to return to his usual home to finals of year, during the period navideña, still would have a ‘bump’ of the phase of liguilla that contest in this new format of competition. This commitment could be in the penultimate day (21-22 January 2025) or in the last (29 January), by what exists the option that it play in the Camp Nou. This is the reason whereby the FC Barcelona is trying to pose this change to the UEFA.

The FC Barcelona would have to do a ‘last dance’ in Montjuïc

In the case that the cast culé do not attain to obtain the approval of the UEFA to make this change, which would be an exceptional measure, would have to go back to the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys by a day more to develop his last duel of the first phase of the Champions 2024/25. This situation would be a so much atypical, considering that for this moment, is likely that the FC Barcelona already have faced several clashes suspender belts in the Spotify Camp Nou.

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