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FC Barcelona statement

FC Barcelona have, over the last few days, made a point of seeking the opinions of members and season ticket holders at the Palau Bluagrana on the option of playing some Euroleague game at the Palau Sant Jordi over the next few seasons. 

The Club did so to gather the thoughts of members on the possibility of transferring some games to the Palau Sant Jordi, for which three conditions would have to be met positively: a majority acceptance on behalf of those involved in the meet, the availability of the venue and that the invest were to guarantee an acceptable return. 

Once analysed the information in the survey, the Club announces that all game in the ACB and the Euroleague over the next few seasons will continue to be played at the Palau Blaugrana, awaiting a new Palau, property of FC Barcelona, as is currently planned. 

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