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Former Barça Player Accused of Being Replaced by His Twin!

Surreal story coming from Romania involving a former FC Barcelona footballer. According to reports from the Central European country, central defender Edgar Ié, who spent three seasons in the Barça reserve team and made his debut with the first team under Luis Enrique, is under investigation. There are indications that his twin brother Edelino may have played five games in his place for Dinamo Bucharest.

Edgar Ié joined Dinamo Bucharest last February as a free agent. Suspicions of impersonation arose when it was noticed that the player only spoke Portuguese, despite having mastered other languages due to his career in Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey. To add to the mystery, when Dinamo asked for his driver’s license to provide him with a sponsored car, the player refused, further fueling doubts about his identity. Additionally, there is no visible scar on his right knee despite undergoing surgery for a torn cruciate ligament in 2022.

All these factors lead to suspicions that the player who participated in five matches for Dinamo Bucharest may not have been Edgar Ié but his twin brother Edelino. Edelino, a former winger, came up through the youth ranks of Sporting CP and had a relatively insignificant career until he ended his contract with Polish club Tluchovia in January. If the impersonation is confirmed, Dinamo Bucharest could risk losing the 8 points earned in the games where Edelino played instead of Edgar Ié.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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