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Four players from the starting lineup in Barça’s first women’s Champions final are still going strong

Five years have passed since the women’s FC Barcelona achieved the feat of reaching its first Champions League final against the almighty Olympique de Lyon, on May 18, 2019. By then, the mere fact of arriving was already a merit, and even more so considering that the culé women’s section became professional just four years before. At that time, Lyon was already in its fifth European championship and that afternoon it would win the sixth of its personal record. Nobody would predict that five years later, the showcases of that same virgin team in Europe would be filled with three Champions Leagues. Nor that the authors of the two goals that gave Barça the last European Cup were one day part of the eleven that lost 4-1 in Budapest against the French. And even less so, that it would be achieved against the same Olympique de Lyon that once snatched the Barça team’s dream of lifting the first European trophy. Poetic justice did its thing.

With the imminent departure of Mariona Caldentey and Sandra Paños, both starters in the historic 2019 final, only four players from that eleven that Lluís Cortés fielded will continue at the Blaugrana club next season. Six, if you take into account that Gemma Font and Patri Guijarro did not play but were on the bench. These are Mapi León, Marta Torrejón, Aitana Bonmatí, and Alexia Putellas.

The Blaugrana team led by Cortés had an amazing journey, defeating BIIK Kazygurt, Glasgow City, LSK Kvinner and Bayern Munich. Specifically, Mariona herself played a crucial role in the second leg of the semi-finals against the Germans, scoring the goal that secured the culés a spot in Budapest. The starting lineup chosen by the coach for the grand final included: Sandra Paños (Barcelona), Ouahabi (M. City), Mapi León (Barcelona), Pereira (Club América), Torrejón (Barcelona), Mariona (Barcelona), Alexia (Barcelona), Aitana (Barcelona), V. Losada (Brighton), T. Duggan (Everton) and Lieke Martens (PSG). This team, unbeknownst to them, was already starting to make waves.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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