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Gündogan Sincere on his controversial level of requirement and his role in the FC Barcelona


Ílkay Gündogan Was one of the big leaders of the FC Barcelona during the last season. In addition to being the footballer that more minutes added, went the image of the regularity and leadership, although it was not sufficient so that the Barcelona added titles. Now, with Germany in the Eurocopa, is living a very different situation and has reviewed it in a recent talk with the half English The Athletic.

The midfield player has confessed that it likes him the feeling to be one of the ‘leaders’ of the team and, also, that do him know when it makes a mistake because it is the only form to improve his provision: “it likes Me be to the control of the team and if the trainer says me: ‘Look Gündo, have done it badly’, appreciate it because I want to improve. If it is in front of my mates, better still, so that they see what have to do all”, began saying.

On the other hand, it has recognised that it is important to recognise when you make a mistake, especially in the football: “I consider Me very tolerante. All are different and loves me. I do not say that all the world have to think like me because I am not perfect. But if you are not honest, your progress will stagnate . It is the only way to follow improving”. It has been a sentence that has remembered to the controversy that lived in April with Ronald Araújo by his mistake against the PSG.

The season of Gündogan in the Barça

On his season in the Barça, has deepened in the fact that had too many positions and finish being, for him, a chaos: “With the Barcelona have played in all the places where have needed me, so it has been a bit chaotic, with a lot of changes of position. I have had to adapt me constantly. Sometimes, play well also involves to know in which position play, who plays to your around and feel you comfortable”, contrary case that in Germany: “In the selection seat me very comfortable in the field with my mates and in my position”.

It took advantage of to speak on Lamine Yamal and his irruption with alone 16 years: “Lamine has only 16 years, but is a madness. Simply a madness. The confidence with which plays does that it seem normal, but play to the highest level during all the year and arrive to the Eurocopa, be a key player, is not normal to this age”, adding that “I want to that Lamine Yamal keep healthy and arrive to the peak of the world-wide football because that is his potential”.

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