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Hansi Flick’s plans for one-on-one interactions with Barcelona players

Toni Juanmarti of SPORT has provided insights into how Hansi Flick, the new Barcelona coach, manages his players, suggesting that the German’s approach is notably detailed and calculated, which explains some of his recent decisions and actions.

Flick was announced as the new coach of Barcelona a week ago, but he has yet to have his official introduction. 

Interestingly, there is a specific reason for this delay. After signing a two-year contract with Barcelona, Flick left the city, having met only four of his new players: Frenkie de Jong, Gavi, Alejandro Balde, and Julian Araujo, who were at the club’s facilities. 

Flick decided to delay his introductory press conference until early July and he also postponed his initial one-on-one meetings with the players until he had gathered more detailed information about each of them.

Flick is doing his homework

It is suggested that Flick is spending these weeks learning as much as he can about his new players, both in terms of their sporting abilities and their personal characteristics. 

Hansi Flick is yet to reach out to his players. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

He believes that by July, he will have a better command of the Spanish language and a deeper understanding of the club’s situation. This knowledge is crucial for him to address questions about player registrations and potential transfers.

So far, Flick has not contacted most of his new squad. He plans to introduce himself and his expectations to each player individually and collectively once he has a comprehensive understanding of each player’s strengths and areas for improvement. 

This requires time and careful review of past matches. Consequently, even though several days have passed since Barcelona officially announced his appointment, most players have not yet heard from him.

Lastly, it is obvious that in order to have a deeper understanding of his players, Flick and his coaching staff will keep a close eye on the Euro Cup and Copa America. 

This means the new manager will have very little vacation time. While he plans to return to Barcelona soon, he needs to asses how to assemble his squad and develop the style of football he intends to implement at the club.

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