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Ilkay Gündogan reveals his intentions for the future


Before the start of the Eurocopa, Ilkay Gündogan has wanted to leave clear his intentions futbolísticas of face a future. The German has spoken in ‘Spiegel’ and wanted to reveal that has clear that it wants to be trainer when it no longer was in the field, signalling that it would choose “the intelligence futbolística of Pep Guardiola”, “the paternal authority of Klopp” and of Thomas Tuchel, “the contents of training and his sight for the detail”, ensured.

“I want to be a trainer that empatice very well with his players, but that also have intelligence futbolística”, signalled the mediocampista of the FC Barcelona. Besides, it commented that “it would like me follow a similar way to the of Xabi Alonso in the Leverkusen”, added the ‘crack’ German that inside few days will debut with his country like captain in the Euro that will play in territory Teutonic.

Gündogan Handles with tranquility a very delicate situation in Germany

This role of the Barcelona player has been criticised by some part of the German fans when treating of a footballer that does not have roots 100% germanas. The German public television has made recently a survey in which they reveal that 21% of the respondents would be happier if they had “more white players in the selection” and besides, 17% did not have a good concept on that the captain of the absolute had Turkish roots.

“I know that people like me is necessary in places of leadership because it reflects a new reality in Germany. It can that our appearance was different, but also are German. I know that I can be a model to be followed. But I do not want to insist too much in this”, ensured Ilkay on this regrettable situation. Already on his feelings when carrying the bracelet of captain of ‘The Mannschaft’, ensured that “it is a very beautiful feeling”, revealed.

“The one does not have at all that see with the another. It treats of how they see me the mates and trainers. Only you turn you into captain if your team sees you and recognises like an open person, honest and good. The distinction answers to what represent like person, no to my origins”, stood out the footballer of the Barça, showing his personal values in this regard.

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