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In Brazil ‘atizan’ to Vinicius by his regrettable performance in front of Colombia


The performance of Vinicius Jr. In front of Colombia has woken up the controversy in Brazil. The player showed a very poor performance and received a yellow card that will do him lose the quarter-finals in front of Uruguay. The press of Brazil has not taken in taking posture and has turned him into the main aim of the criticisms after the tie in front of the ‘cafeteros’, where Raphinha dressed of ‘hero’ when marking the only goal of the ‘canarinha’.

The extreme of the Real Madrid is one of the most important pieces of his selection and his drop is very sensitive for the ‘verdeamarela’. Thus, in ‘UOL’ describe the yellow that saw Vinicius “of juvenile player”. In the meantime, in ‘ESPN Brazil’ compared the responsibility that has in the ‘Scratch du Gold’ with which exerts in the Real Madrid. “Has mistaken decisions that with the Madrid would not take”, aseveraron.

One of the hardest criticisms to the player comes from of the half Brazilian ‘Young Bread’, where a tertuliano of the chain ensured that “Vinicius has to calm. It has seen card that are avoidable. It is necessary to have a conversation with him. It wants to be leading and is confusing to be leading with litigating withall . It has to be protagonist playing with the ball”.

They consider that it is not the same of the Madrid

By his part, one of the most stood out chroniclers of the Brazilian country, Arnaldo Ribeiro, also was very severe with the attitude of Vinicius. “I do not want to me put with him, but to me likes me the Vini of the Real Madrid, no the one of the Brazilian selection to the Neymar. That, for me, does not serve. Vini Caused his own card with an anger unnecessary in front of Paraguay (the first yellow of the cycle), went an unnecessary confusion. And in front of Colombia denied to assume the hat to James. It did not assume it and it gave him a codazo”, began his plea the journalist.

The yellow was cheap, for me. He is out of quarter-finals by his irresponsibility and no by a plot of the Conmebol. If Neymar did what did Vini in both parties, the critical would be more merciless. But it is Vinícius, that likes us to all in the country…”, it concluded, leaving clear that the behaviour of the Brazilian begins to be a problem for his team.

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