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Is Hansi Flick a gamble that Joan Laporta should be taking at Barcelona?

So… we already appear to have reached last throw of the dice territory.

Joan Laporta appears to be stumbling from one disaster to another at present, but he’ll be hoping that the appointment of Hansi Flick turns the tide back in his favour.

It’s an interesting appointment to say the least because his entire football career has been spent in Germany, going right back to his youth days.

Barcelona may well be the ‘dream job’ for him, but it’s going to be an awful lot different to what he’s been used to in Germany.

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One could legitimately argue that there’s a good reason why no one has employed him since his disastrous reign with the German national team. He picked up the unwanted record of becoming the first Germany boss to be sacked since the role was created in 1926.

Let’s not forget that he pretty much became Bayern Munich manager by default once Nico Kovac was gone mid-season.

It’s true that he went on to see his Bayern team do the treble, however, the foundations were already in place at the Bavarian giants when he was handed the role.

Barcelona’s current foundations are shot to pieces and the first question has to be whether Flick is the right man – given the cultural differences – to lead them out of their funk.

If the general consensus is that he could be a worthy successor to Xavi because of his tactical nous and the way he sets teams up – generally a 4-2-3-1 with a double pivot – then is he the ‘right man at the wrong time?’

It’s not as if he is walking into a team with La Liga and Champions League aspirations, whatever Laporta would prefer the public to hear.

There can be no beating about the bush on this one.

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Hansi Flick is walking straight into the eye of the storm with an under-par team, and has to hit the ground running – whilst also ensuring he is ‘on brand’ with the message that the board wants to perpetuate.

So, if he happens to go through a tough period not long after being passed the baton, there can be no protests or bleating about the financial situation at the club. He comes to Barcelona with his eyes wide open.

It’s a job that’s eaten up and spat out many before him though that’s not to suggest that he will be unable to cope with the pressure either.

If anything, all of the stress and worry is on Laporta’s shoulders this time around.

He will know that another managerial failure is likely to see his own personal stock plummet and put him at a huge disadvantage at the next presidential elections.

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