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It bursts the RB Leipzig! Indignation by the arbitration against the Real Madrid


Vinicius Jr Played with fire in the Real Madrid-RB Leipzig of the Champions League. Before it fulfilled the hour of party, the Teutonics asked a red cardboard for the Brazilian attacker after a fault on Orban and back ‘aggression’. Davide Massa, main referee, showed him the yellow card when considering that there was not aggressiveness neither danger of injury when it pushes to the defender Hungarian footballer-German.

The indignation of the German group has been absolute. From the changing room have the feeling that, if it had been the other way around, would have been expelled the player. David Raum has been one of the footballers that spoke in this regard in statements to ‘The Chiringuito’ and understands that the ‘7’ madridista had to be expelled a lot before this action. “I do not know if it would have to have been expelled in this action. I think that in spite of receiving yellow card, would have to have been expelled by some entrances that had done before”, began saying.

Of the same way, the defender of 25 years confessed that it existed a difference between the form in which the main referee spoke to both teams: “The referee spoke us a bit different that to the players of the Real Madrid. I do not know why, we also are pleasant and fun types”, confessing that for Will Orban “is red card. We can speak a lot now but it does not go us to help”. The wails, theories and complaints will not help of at all for the Leipzig, as it has confessed Raum: “we Are out of the Champions and congratulations the Madrid but also a lot of players of the Madrid have said us that have had luck today. When the Bernabéu pita know that we have done a lot of things very today”.

The Leipzig ‘note’ the difference

By his part, Benjamin Henrichs left a conclusive message on the action with Vini Jr: “In the field have not spoken with him (Orban) because it was in the floor. In the changing room have seen the images and is obvious and clear that it is red card. We do not have to mentir”, sentencing that “if it is the other way around and is one of us the one who pushes to a player of the Real Madrid and falls to the floor, sure that it would be red card. I do not know why it has not taken out red card. You have to ask him to the referee”.

What more regret the players of the RB Leipzig is that ten minutes after said action, Vinicius took advantage of a habilitation of Jude Bellingham after a big contragolpe to open the marker in Santiago Bernabéu: “it Is bad luck for us also that Vinicius marks the goal afterwards and remain us was”, sentenced Henrichs.

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