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It continues the ordeal of Ansu Fati in the Brighton


Ansu Fati Went back to remain in the bench of the Brighton, this time in the visit to the Newcastle in the St. James’ Park, that finish with a tie (1-1) and great his fourth consecutive party without going in to the terrain of game. It has gone back to confirm that it does not go in in the plans of Roberto of Zerbi that only remains to expect to that it finish the season, go back to the City Condal and can define his plans for the season that comes.

The situation of the international with Spain concerns increasingly in the FC Barcelona, because it has added his eighth party without being headline, one of them remaining out of the announcement. In the last four, against Manchester City, Bournemouth, Aston Villa and this Saturday in front of the ‘urracas’. It played for the last time in front of the Burnley, on 13 April, only 13 minutes. Before, it contested other 14′ in front of the Arsenal, without goal, assistance or some significant contribution for the Brighton.

Ansu Fati, ‘sunk’ in the American Express Community Stadium

Ansu Fati Does not appear in the alignment of Of Zerbi from mediated of March, when it played an hour in the victory against the Nottingham Forest. In the Premier League, to fault of two parties so that it culminate, has not contested a complete party. Yes it did it in the first day of the phase of groups of the Europe League, against the AEK Athens. Since, it has added opportunities to dropper when it has been in optimum physical conditions to play.

To this point, the player of 21 years is discounting the days to finish his stage in the American Express Community Stadium. The Brighton will not extend his cession and will return to Barcelona to define which will be his plans. Xavi Hernández does not have he and everything seems to indicate to that the sportive direction will look for him a new team, probably in LaLiga.

Ansu Fati Did not fulfil the expectations in England

In England, the disappointment with Ansu Fati has been very big. Of Zerbi had been the one who asked his cession in the straight final of the past market of signings, but between the injuries and the irregularity that has showed, in addition to not fulfilling with the expectations that had with him, have finished him condemning in his first season out of the Barça. They remain two parties so that they begin his holidays… And it begin to think in what can do for the 2024/2025.

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