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It dreams with dressing of Barcelona! ‘Rain’ of ‘winks’ of Álex Baena to the FC Barcelona


To who would not like him play in the Barça? Play in the Barça would be one of the greater dreams like footballer“, confessed does some months Álex Baena in an interview to ‘Sportive Carousel’. The midfield player of the Villarreal ‘die’ for dressing the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona and leaves it ‘fall’ every time that has the opportunity. Now, the player has gone back to leave a series of ‘winks’ to the club in statements to ‘Jijantes’.

The footballer confessed ‘fanatical’ of Pedri, taking advantage of the opportunity for elogiar to Cucurella, that went out of the Masia. “Inside the field have weakness by Pedri. It knew that it came of a year fucked, but is difficult to play against him. Pedri Already is finding. Out, with Cucurella is a character tremendo. Too much. It knew him a bit by near people but when you coexist with him is a tremendo show. To me always it has liked me. Has clear his paper. It is a 7,8 in everything. It does not have failures. It carries four parties to a level of the hostia. The concentration without him had been different”, ensured.

Baena Also pronounced on the image of Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams playing to ‘stone, paper and tijera’, revealing that it is a common practice between both and sostiendo that keep a big relation out of the field. “The of the stone, paper and tijera is that they eat and are like this, train and are like this, playing to the Play. They are very good friends and are the two MVP of the Eurocopa with quite a lot of difference“, manifested.

Besides, ‘it surrendered’ to Lamine, commenting that “I consider me young and take him out six years. I with 16 years etaba in the cadet of the Villarreal seeing the Euro in the sofa and the cabrón east is being the best of Spain. It is 16 years old and I think that he sees it like which comes to play with his friends. He goes out without worries, laughing. Tomorrow it has to Rüdiger and goes to go out as if it was his prime in the square”

Of the same form, continued his ‘praises’ to the ‘perlas’ blaugranas when declaring that “Fermín controls alone. It is good youngster. It speaks a lot of the of Pedri, but also was bad luck. There was four or five that did the same and did not happen at all. I had to Pau this year and looks, touched him to Pedri by bad luck”.

The market of signings

Baena Spoke soble the rumours that link to Nico Williams with the Barça, ensuring that the prenta kills “it” with so many questions in this regard. “As we do a lot of glimpsed the people asks. There is any that is giving him by sack… To the poor Nico are killing it with so many questions. The poor has to be boring that they ask him the same. Already what was missing him, were missing you to ask him cositas”, aseveró.

Finally, Álex no ‘wetted’ on his future in the Villarreal, although it left him the open door to his continuity. “If I go to be still in the Villarreal? I do not know it, I expect that yes. Until they do not finish the Games do not want to know at all”, commented, adding that in the concentration “have not listened any comment of market. Each one goes to his. The group of Fermín, Pedri, Nico speak zero of this“.

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