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It will finish in the FC Barcelona? Mikel Merino marks the times to decide his future


Mikel Merino is the name of the day in Spain. The midfield player of the Real Sociedad dressed of ‘hero’ in the party that confronted to the Red against Germany in the quarter-finals of the Eurocopa 2024, where annotated a goal ‘agónico’ to give him the classification to the semifinals of the continental tournament to the square directed by Luis de la Fuente.

The moment of leadership of the footballer arrives in the middle of the debate on his future. The agreement of the player with the entity ‘txuri-urdin’ expires on 30 June 2025, and everything aims to that the midfield player will look for a new challenge to his 28 years during the present market of signings. The FC Barcelona is one of the clubs that more has interested in his situation, since they look for to reinforce the position of the pivote and see in the donostiarra the ideal candidate for apuntalar the position.

The international with the Spanish selection would be turning into the priority of the satisfied Barcelona entity happen the weeks. In the club handle the situation with caution and will expect to that it conclude the Eurocopa to activate the pending folders in matter of arrivals and exits. From 10 July, with the subject of Barça Vision solved and the possibility to inscribe players, the culés will set up the ‘machinery’ of signings, and Merino could be one of the protagonists of the summer culé.

His father, Miguel Merino, has pronounced in this regard. In an interview conceded to ‘The Chiringuito’, the ex footballer ensured that “Mikel already has said that until the Selection do not finish his participation in the Eurocopa, he does not go to speak of at all more. Only it will pronounce on the Eurocopa and goes to centre in the tournament, and after it finish his go through the Euro, already will speak with his agent and with the club to solve what have to solve“.

No ‘it wetted’ with the interest of the Barça

Merino left clear that his son will not take any decision until it culminate his participation in the Euro, and insisted in the fact to continue celebrating the victory of the Red in front of Germany before refer to the possible interest of the Catalan square. “I think that now touches to enjoy the victory. Mikel still is player of the Real Sociedad and is due to this club. It is necessary to enjoy this moment with the Selection and afterwards already will see”, commented the father of the footballer, on the one who could have novelties in the weeks to come.

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