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Jaume Amat’s posthumous book presented with heartfelt emotion

The Auditori 1899 was the place where the book ‘Fent Futbol, Fent Barça’ was presented, a book by former manager Jaume Amat i Curto, who was the brain behind the FC Barcelona Masia in 1978, after Josep Llúís Núñez’s electoral victory. In this book, Amat talks about how the idea of the Masia was born, not just as a youth academy, but also as a place for players to live and receive sports, cultural, and personal training. One of the players who shared his personal journey was Guillermo Love.

The event featured Amor, former player Paco Martínez, journalist Francesc Perearnau, who wrote the prologue, and two of Amat’s family members: Gemma Amat, his daughter, and Toni Soler (son-in-law). The Auditorium was filled with hundreds of attendees, including Santi Nolla, director of Mundo Deportivo; Vice President Elena Fort; former Generalitat president Artur Mas; former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart; ex-players like Carles Rexach, Ramon Alfonseda, Joan Vilà, or Josep Maria Nogués; first team delegate Carles Naval; former Barça manager Anton Parera; ex-manager Antoni Rovira; former presidential candidate Víctor Font; and former Catalan football leader Josep Barcons (Damm), along with representatives from grassroots football and supporters clubs in Barcelona.

The most touching moment was when Guillermo Amor couldn’t hold back his tears while reading a letter from Josep Amat to his concerned parents when he first entered La Masia in 1978: “We will make him a good footballer, but above all a better person. We have taken him in as if he were our own son. Trust us, Barça will take care of him,” Amat reassured the emotional Amor’s parents.

Jaume Amat’s family consists of six generations of Barcelona fans. Among them, a former contemporary player of Gamper. Jaume Amat’s father worked with Miró-Sans and in 1978, Jaume Amat was on Víctor Sagi’s team. When he stepped back from the race for the presidency, Ferran Ariño and Josep Lluís Núñez tested him. He expressed his willingness to collaborate with whoever won, as long as they embraced his concept of Masia. Núñez emerged victorious and honored the agreement with Amat.

Francesc Perearnau talked about Jaume Amat, while Paco Martínez (who joined the first team before La Masia was created) shared, “Jaume Amat was the general director of Infrastructures i Carreteres during Pujo’s time. I was the mayor of Portbou then, and he was a great help to me. I know he held me in high regard.”

Gemma Amat, for her part, shared some insights about each section of her father’s book.

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper

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