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Kalvin Phillips is ‘in love’ with the idea of signing for FC Barcelona


Kalvin Phillips Great very few minutes in the Manchester City and in front of this is one of the firm alternatives that has the FC Barcelona for this wintry market. The player is in the ramp of exit of the team of Pep Guardiola and the operation could complete if there is agreement between all the parts, and also in case that the Catalan team make an unexpected sale of some player or complete the sale of Barça Studios and like this can fulfil with the fair play financial that establishes LaLiga.

The English is looking for to go out of the City as it does not play not even like acting, being like this, the Barça sees in Kalvin an opportunity of important market to negotiate his cession by the rest of the season, although for this will need that the British go down considerably wage until a figure that can fit inside the margin salarial that has the picture culé.

Kalvin Phillips Thinks that could fit very well in the Barça

The option of Phillips has been very studied by the sportive area when being player of immediate performance. His profile and his type of game squares for what needs the Barça and, besides, the player is had to go out of England if the option is the Barça, as it has aimed ‘Sport’ this Thursday, by what his signing seems that it will depend only of the margin of manoeuvre that can have the team culé to negotiate with the City the cession and later with the pivote his index card.

For the moment there is not contact between the involved, but will not be a simple movement if we take into account that ‘The Guardian’ has informed that the citizens demand a high outlay to yield to Phillips by half season: 8 million euros. Clearly by this figure the Barça could obtain much more that a cession if we take into account other options of market that Deco has in his diary.

Of equal way is worthwhile to highlight that the Catalan group is not the only that put his eyes on the English player. In Spain ensure that the Athletic of Madrid also would be interested in him in case that can go out to loan. But besides, in England also there are polls of Crystal Palace, and the Juventus is the another club that could present an interesting economic offer that can include some option of purchase.

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