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Lamine Yamal explains how he deals with the pressure of being one of Barça’s biggest stars


Lamine Yamal has completed does a pair of weeks his first season like player of the first team of the FC Barcelona, almost two months before fulfilling 17 years of age. Inside the context that means to be a player of First Division that still has not fulfilled the majority of age, the Barcelona forward besides has added him that has attained to consolidate like titling in one of the most important teams of the world, being in a lot of parties the best footballer of all the field for the culés.

Now, with the summer already in the horizon, Lamine confronts to his first important tournament like international absolute, the Eurocopa, and in the preparation for this has conceded an interview to the magazine ‘GQ’. There, Lamine has reviewed several subjects related with his jump to the elite without having reached the majority of age and also with the season of the Barça, but especially, with his preparation to be able to be supported by the feet on the earth in a moment in which it is living things that a lot of youngsters of his age still would have like dreams for his careers like footballers.

The first steps of Lamine Yamal in the Barça

First, Lamine reviewed what meant his arrival to the first team of the Barça, which produced when it still had 15 years, in the last days of the season 2022/23. “The first day that trained with them, left my rucksack in the chair that had given me, because the youngsters did not have taquilla, put me the boots and went me to the gymnasium, because it did not want to be here, gave me shame”, ensured the youngster.

“It was an incredible feeling, a moment very special. The first that thought is that all was very different from the field to what sees from the terracing. And afterwards each step that gave here was a dream, was something very beautiful”, explained on his debut in front of the Real Betis in that season. After valuing that incredible milestone, that turned him into the more youngster in debuting with the Barça in First, Lamine wanted to leave clear that “in the press a day put you like the new Messi and the next day say that you have to leave to play”, ensured on how lives the pressure to be the big promise of the Spanish football.

The mentality of Lamine, a very strong point in his young career

“So the best is to centre you in the yours and in your work, and think only in what it say you the míster, that is the one who wants to help you for real, and your mates”, highlighted Yamal on his preparation and work to try keep centred in the day in day out. “I think that mentally am very very ready”, signalled the forward, the one who clearly already has given important steps in his maturity to be able to assume a role of player elite without having fulfilled still the 17 years of age.

Lamine Has remained a bit struck by the fault of titles

Finally, Lamine analysed his first complete season like player of the Barça, ensuring that “had the highest expectations, because in the Barça not to carry any title is something hard”, highlighted. “I think that have had a lot of altibajos, especially in LaLiga. And we have not known to be constant. To win The League, the Champions, the Glass of Rey or the Supercopa of Spain it is necessary to be constant, and this is what has been missing us”, stood out Lamine Yamal.

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