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Lamine Yamal goes back to ask the signing of Nico Williams by the FC Barcelona


Lamine Yamal has consecrated in the elite like one of the biggest promises, but the one who more, in the world of the football. The performance of the extreme of the FC Barcelona in the Eurocopa 2024 is being ‘estratosférica’, being one of the maximum figures of the Spanish selection and ‘dazzling’ to all and sundry with hardly 16 years.

The pair conformed by the Barcelona attacker and Nico Williams has consolidated like one of the most powerful of the continent. The footballer of the Athletic Club of Bilbao complements to perfection to the ‘perla’ of the Masia, where his connection also moves out of the terrains of game, where keep a big relation, as they have left it know every time that have the opportunity.

In the FC Barcelona ‘rub the hands’ with this situation, since the attacker navarro is one of the main aims of the club in this market of signings. The Barcelona entity is in research of a player of band that him of the jump of necessary quality to the offensive culé, and Williams is one of the main candidates in the Catalan diary.

Lamine Yamal has gone back to pronounce in this regard, since it has left clear in several occasions that would like him that Nico dressed the T-shirt blaugrana. Now, in an interview conceded to ‘The Chiringuito’, the footballer of the Barça was asked on if it would like him play with the Basque, to what answered that “clear that yes. Any one that was your fellow would like him that it was in your team. Ojalá… Have tastes in common, have alike positions, an alike style. There is very well roll“.

It answered to Lehmann

Finally, Yamal answered to Jens Lehmann, ex German goalkeeper, the one who ensured that “Spain is a small selection and inexperta; basically, like a juvenile team”. “It is his opinion, what goes you to say?. It is German. It tries desestabilizarnos a bit. We do not listen to anybody, will show what are. More than helping to Germany helps us to us. To see if we are small and innocent“, ‘resolved’ Lamine, that expects to keep his big level in front of ‘Die Mannschaft’ in the quarter-finals of the Eurocopa.

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