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Lamine Yamal’s father ‘boasts’ about the Barça forward’s relationship with Leo Messi


Mounir Nasroui Surprised to a lot of this Thursday after hanging a photo in his account of Instagram in which it sees to Lamine Yamal, his son, and to Leo Messi, although the most surprising has been the moment in which it has captured to both footballers. And it is that both carry twenty years, by what is normal that the now forward of the FC Barcelona always was a boy in any image of the past, but all has gone a bit further.

And it is that although Messi, while it was in the first Barcelona team, coincided in some occasion with Lamine Yamal, that by then grew in the basic football culé, period of which exists some image that accredits it, the photography of both that has revealed is much more ancient. The photography is of, roughly, December of 2007, when the one of Mataró only had six months of life.

Absolute surprise for all the followers culés

“The beginning of two legends”, wrote Mounir Nasraoui to accompany the tender image of Messi with Lamine Yamal, in which it also appears the mother of the extreme. In her it sees to both players smiling, while Yamal was receiving a bathroom by part of his mother, in addition to seeing to Leo very young, of that period in which it gave his first steps in the first team of the Barça.


The publication, as it would expect , has generated illusion between the fans culés, that have in Lamine Yamal a hope for the future as all paint very promising when being a player determinant with alone 16 years of age. It is necessary to highlight besides that ‘Sport’ has signalled that the photography dates of a calendar solidario of the that Read and Lamine were protagonists in the one of 2008 and that it was published precisely by the sportive newspaper.

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