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Luis de la Fuente ensures that Spain “is more” that Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams


Spain prepares to confront to the selection of Germany in the quarter-finals of the Eurocopa 2024. In the previous of the meeting, the seleccionador of the Red, Luis de la Fuente, attended to the media in press conference and left his feelings of face to the duel in front of the group directed by Julian Nagelsmann, which is considered by many like a final advanced.

“The party in front of Germany is a final. It is a very solid team and with big individualities. It will be a very balanced party in quality and level”, ensured the trainer. However, it sustained that a victory would not award him the title of favourite to Spain. “No. If eliminatory raisins is because they go remaining the best. I do not know if the one who happen will be the favourite, but we come here to litigate byeverything “, commented.

On the other hand, it removed him ‘pressure’ to the pair conformed by Lamine and Nico Williams, affirming that the Red is more than these footballers. “We are more than these players. Perhaps they are of which more talent have of Europe, but depend of the accompaniment. We want to be strong in team. The individualities mark the difference in punctual occasions. But the concept of the community does us better and to them also. Still it remains them a lot of margin of improvement“, declared.

Besides, it played to the distraction with the possible titularity of Dani Elm, the one who could mean that Pedri González initiate the party from the bench. “I do not go it to say… I guarantee you that Dani is preparadísimo. To the equal that Grimaldo, that know a lot of the German football. Have very studied to Germany. It can change the player but no the idea”, manifested.

The players of Spain are “the best of the world”

De la Fuente kidded with the plan that prepares for ‘brake’ to Toni Kroos, ensuring between laughs that “had thought in tying the feet to Kroos, but do not know if it will leave me the UEFA… We know how it spends them to him Kroos. We will try that it do not have possibility to receive easy and limit him the options of pass. Appeal to the UEFA to see if they leave us tie him” .

Finally, it cleared that it does not consider that Spain have better team that ‘Die Mannschaft’, although it affirmed that his players are the “best ” of the world”. “I have not said never that have better team that Germany. The one who has said this has mentido. This yes, no change to any German player by one of mine. To them no the change by anybody. They are the best of the world“, concluded.

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